Blowing more than shisha, Brooklyn NY gay Arab

Where are all my Arab friends ? I feel so lonely on this gay dating site. By chance I am into interracial sex, otherwise I would be super sand and lonely. It is cliché, but my dick is International ! And my ass is like the UN, everyone is welcome if your peaceful. My name’s Sami, I am 34 and I live in Brooklyn, NYC. I am here to have some casual fun. I have stressful, but for very well paid job in IT for a huge firm. So all I want from sex is to unwind from my job. A blow-job and a fuck at a time.

Someone said at one point that I must be a great blower from all the shisha I take. Some would call it racist, I found it cute and I blew him a seconde time lol ! I am that kind of guy. Sex and fun over any trouble. You should contact me if you’re in NYC and are looking for a good casual fun time with me. And yes, before you ask, I know some great shisha and shawarma place in the city. It will be a great and relaxing intro before we go back to my place to stuff other things in our mouths lol. Cya !

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