Dare to try 9 inches challenge in Vineland, NJ

Hey there ! You might say that I’m happy to see you, which is totally true, but not in the sense that I’d be having a boner on that picture. I am actually not having one at that moment. Ya I know. I’m super hung. I’ll only show you in private, but I am over 9 inches long. Enough to make a lot of damage in your ass. But don’t worry, by now I’m well aware to limit myself to “just the tip”. It’s a shame, but that’s the burden of having such a long cock. That and the fact that people are constantly starring at my bulge. And no I don’t always tempt them with my tights. I even look huge in jeans ffs haha.

My nickname is Thighty, I’m a 32 slim, yet super hung dude. I live in Vineland, New jersey, just a few hours away from Philly where I also go a regular basis. I’m here looking for regular hookup partners as well as some other bottoms folks interested in trying the 9 inches challenge. Newcomers to anal, please abstain yourself. If you can’t make it here, I would still love to have some dirty talks with you and exchange nudes fi we get along. I’m particularly interested in seeing you ass from behind. Come chat and cya !

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