Discover yourself through hook ups, Puyallup, WA

I got a cap on my head but no hat on my cock head. It lies hard and raw, looking for its next target to burry itself in. Care to be it and to volunteer your ass and or your mouth ? As for me, my ass is off-limits, but my mouth can take you whole. If not, then as far as I can go until I can’t contain my gag reflex. I love to be deep throated so the least I can do, is to do is to offer the same pleasure to my lover. But he same can’t be said for anal. I just can’t take it even if I enjoy to give it.

We all got our limits and preferences right ? I don’t know about you, but that’s one of the main reason why I enjoy having affairs and hook ups. To date new guys and discover what they are into. Most of the times, I admit that I am wrong. We are full of surprises. I have revealed some of my surprises to you already. Here are some more infos. I am 24, my nickname is CorryWA, I live in the greater Tacoma area, in Puyallup, Washington. Or a few miles south of Seattle if you prefer. I love rap and online dating. Wanna hang and fuck with me ? Don’t reveal too much about you in the chat tough ! Of course I want to see what you look like, but I want to discover most about you when we hook up. Myabee you’ll even discover something new about yourself too in the process. That’s what hooking up is all about. Cya !

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