In certain circumstances, I hate chicken. Especially when guys chicken out on me when I pull out my thick big white cock. It sucks so much ! After all the trouble of going out, hitting on a guy in a bar or elsewhere, just to have him refuse that I fuck him. Even after I have boasted about my huge dick. I partially blame all those guys who claim to have big cock when they,re sightly above average. It must comfort some bottoms in thinking that they they can take any dick afterwards. Turns out most can’t take mine. All I can hear when they start claiming an excuse for to decline my dick is: “uk Puk Pukaaak” !

I much prefer the sound of cock-a-doodle-doo lol. That’s what I want to hear when I unzip my pants like that and take my long dick out OK ? I am willing to host our hookup at my place in Richland, Washington in Benton county. But you can’t stay for the night. That’s against my rules. You’ll take off, sore ass or no. These are my conditions for a wonderful, if painful fuck date with me. Call me Rooster and know that I am 32 years old, but that I have the attitude of a daddy in bed.

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