Let's fuck in the morning. Redhead hooking-up in LA

Hello lovely people! How you all doing ? Am I the only one who prefers morning sex over night time sex ? Personally, I’ve got way more energy upon waking up rather than after a complete day of work or play. To each their own I suppose, but I feel like night time is for cuddling, chilling and of course, sleeping lol. So I’m here to differentiate from all those sexy night owls haha. I’m offering you the option for a week-end morning hook up at my place here in Culver City Los Angeles. We do our naughty business and then we’re both free to enjoy our days as see fit, but with our balls lighter. It’s such a blast to surf on the energy and flow of that post sex feeling for hours on end.

You may call me D’Artagnannan (after one of the three musketeers), I’m a redhead of 35 years old with a fit body and a gorgeous uncut ding-dong. I consider than sex and the pleasures of the flesh should be shared and be exempt of the constraints of monogamist relationships. I may keep a lover for a while, but I’ll be satisfied with only one man. That’s how it is with me, and luckily for me so are a lot of guys in the gay scene. I love you guys ! Come spread the love with me.

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