No doubt about it, I am passionate about semen. I enjoy playing with it, spraying it over my shaft, balls and hands. More often than not, I’ll end up eating a portion of it. And I am not just talking about licking my fingers to remove the sticky stuff after jerking off. I am talking about how I’ll make the most out of my morning jerk-off session and use the semen as a creamer for my coffee. That’s how much I love my semen. So imagine what I am ready to do when I am with another man about. Don’t even think about coming in my ass or somewhere I could not relish eating your semen.

Bu where are my manners. Here I am showing off my big dick and talking about delicious semen while I still have not even told you my name. I am Sean and I am 37 years old. I live in Esondido, California down in San Diego County. I am looking for hook ups partners in the area. But I wanted to make sure that you understood how serious I am with semen. You don’t have to be as intense I am however. I’ll take care of the yummy work, or I guess some would call it the dirty work. Unless you’re as intense as I am. If so, we might have to become friends with benefits.

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