German jock sucker player in Bryan, Texas

Hallo ! Enjoying the view of my big German sausage ? But I heard you guys like it big here in Texas. I’m Liam, a college student of 21 who’s in the US for a year. I’m a Texas A&M and I live in Bryan, Texas for now. I’m a football player. Or as you would say here, a soccer player. Where I’m from, a sucker is rather different lol. I’m quite good at sucker ! And I enjoy it a lot too lol. Okay joke aside, a new friend of mine in referred me over to this dating site in order to find some anonymous sex dates. His and I had some fun together, but he’s a top as well so we’re not a match. And we both agreed that I should find some bottoms in the area who would appreciate my thick and long dick.

And from my short experience, I discovered that I’m normally luckier with older men. Young jocks usually can’t handle my big dick. But I would love to be proven wrong. Otherwise, I’m fine with older guys once again. I’m not here to find the love of my live. Just a fun sex partner for a couple of dates or maybe a few months before I mov back to Germany. And I ain’t the jealous type so I don’t mind sharing. Speaking of, we could even have some parties if you could introduce me to some friends. How about we chat ?

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