Hung Mexican burrito in Jacksonville, Florida

Well hello there ! I’m Miguel, I’m a horny spicy Mexican of 32 YO living in Jacksonville, Florida. How about I stuff your manly taco with my huge burrito ? Don’t even ask, I’m not the type to go with just the tip. Oh no ! It’s all in or nothing. I ram and plummet until I spit my hot salsa inside you. It’ll be sizzling hot between us two. Tired of the food jokes ? You would not believe how often gringos are referencing to Mexican food when having sex with me. Truth be told, I don’t mind at all ! I love myself some taco, just as much as you probably enjoy your pizza and your burger. But I much prefer to have sex !

If you’re down, we could combine both. You know, a real authentic Mexican meal preceded bu some hot and naughty sex. Trust me, I’ll stuff you so much that you won’t want me ramming your ass after you’ve had a huge portion of beans, carne and corn chips. But it will give you the required energy afterwards to recover. I might bet that you’ll want to live the experience more than once. I mean, another night. It would be my pleasure. But let’s start with a first time. DM me and send me a picture of your taco ass.

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