Intimate bro time with daddy tatts, Catonsville MD

Let’s be quiet the kids are asleep and my GF is the bathroom taking a bath. That especially applies to you. You better be ready to be taken from behind in the ass by my thick and long daddy cock. But as you can see, I am not your typical suburban boring pop. Nah, I’m a tattooed cool daddy of 36 who enjoys having some anonymous hook ups with other guys from time to time. Just to keep it spicy. I love my GF and my family and I would never leave them, but the family life can’t satisfy my raging sexual appetite. Since I had an intimate bro moment with an old friend from highschool, I’ve developed a linking to gay anal sex. And, I can confirm that guys are better at giving BJ. I am still learning how to give them myself, and YBH I’m not completely sure I like it. Just an FYI,

I was obviously joking when I spoke about fucking at my place. Let’s go somewhere else than my quiet yet very noisy suburb neighborhood of Catonsville, MD. We could find some hotel closer to Baltimore or wherever. Or even at your place if you’re down. So what do you say ?

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