Heyo. My nickname’s Woody. I want to raise the bar when it comes down to sex. For the past couple of months, I’ve been hooking up with guys I meet in bars in DC. I go there in train from my home town of Laurel, Baltimore. It’s a 27 minutes commute to Union Station I do everyday for work and also most week-ends when I am horny and want to get some new cock and most importantly, some asses to take me in. However, I am not always lucky with the guys I end up fucking with. Too often, it will be a quick fuck in a sauna nearby, an alley or I am lucky some guys apartment or hotel room.

I’ve been thinking more and more about this. Sure it’s fun to hit on cute guys and to feel wanted as a cute guy myself. A quick flash of my 6 pack and some tight pants molding my huge bulge will guarantee that I’ll attract any guy I want. Even the second cutest in the room. The first one being me. But, nothing assures me that he’s a good fuck. So from now and with this profile, I am aiming on finding great fucks. That means that if you’re confident in your bottoming skills, including your ability to take my 9 inches cock and to ride it with fiercely, then contact me. Help me raise my bar and improve my sex life. I am looking for both local Laurel, MD guys as well as men from DC.

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