If you know anything about working out and weight training, then you know something about mind muscle connection. It basically means that you should focus on the exact muscle that you’re trying to train as your performing a movement. That ensures better contraction of the muscles. And also the added benefit of being able to to flex said muscle after. Think of the bodybuilders who can flex one peck at a time. Where am I going with that ? Well see how I can control my balls in this video and make them contract while ? That is the result of intense training and lots of time spent focusing on my balls.

That may sound stupid, but it actually helps me control my erections and more importantly, when I ejaculate. You would not believe how long I can last when I concentrate and fixate on stamina. It is rather impressive. Just like it is impressive, even magic like to see me flex my balls like that. I got a massive cerebral power to achieve that ! Call me Professor X lol. I am 35 and I live in Boise, Idaho and I am gay. I live in a comfy home, more than big enough to invite you for a naughty hook up. And to put my balls and my skills to the test.

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