Montage of my veiny bat, BWC in Henderson, NV

I had a hard time deciding on which picture to pick for my profile. So I made the logical decision and used all four. This way, you can stare at my veiny monster big white cock in many angles. Plus, you get to see how hard it gets and how the veins will look different from an erection to another. Yes, I am quite proud of my dick. And like any proud parent, I want to boast about it and to show it off. Well, I want to do much more than that of course. That piece of art is meant to be savored and put to good use.

Any cock enthusiast or at least, cock lover around here ? I need a man who is having a hard time keeping is cock down as he’s staring at my cock. Your mouth should be in full on saliva production as you look intensively at my penis. That’s the kind of passionate man I am interested in for my hookups. Needless to say, I am a top and there’s no way I would let my beautiful cock go to waste like that. I am gonna probe your ass until you beg me to stop or until I spit all of my semen inside your ass or mouth. Have you ever had an orgasm just from anal ? Well my texted cock will gladly provide. Wether you’re a Vegas or Henderson local, or a tourist looking to escape from the strip for a different kind of sin in the suburbs down south, send me a DM. I am Lloyd, 34 years old, single and I’ll be expecting your message. Don’t hesitate to send some pictures too. I always like to visualize.

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