Newark, NJ back store gay hook-up discoveries

Who’s up for some back store and backdoor activity ? I work in retail and I’ve found a new use for those barely used back stores. Its literally an ideal sex den hidden in plain sight, while providing the thrill of risky public sex. At 19 years old, I’m still discovering sex and have just recently bloomed. As a result, I am still trying to pinpoint my preferences, limits and whatnot. It might be a dubious comparison, but it’s like when I first tasted wine or coffee. I did not quite like it at first, but I knew I could develop the taste for it, especially since like everyone enjoys it so much. Must be that I just have to try different kinds and color in order to pinpoint the ones I prefer.

I’m quite aware that a hookup in a back store is not an ideal context. But I figure it can be an great icebreaker for things to follow in a more convenient spot. Such as my place or yours. For obvious reason, I won’t reveal here where I work, but I can still tell you that it is located in Newark, New Jersey and that my nickname is NicolasJersey. Be aware that I’ll only answer to messages from guys with a profile picture or who are willing to send one in private.

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