Pleasure affair delivered, Bismarck, North Dakota

Your local sexy driver has a special package for you. I hope your home for that delivery. We’ll make sure by scheduling it in advance. Depending on your preference, I could make it an express or a ground delivery. That later means that I’d fuck you on the ground of course. Thinking about it, I could even make a special arrangement to make it aerial. As you can tell, I am pretty buff so depending on your weight, I should be able to hold you in my arms as I strike you with countless hip thrust in the ass.

Anyway, I service most of Bismarck, North Dakota where I also reside. Call me Uniformed, as of course, I am a man in uniform. No the most imposing one, but it has its effect. I am 46 years old, I love my job, but not as much as I love to fuck and have affairs. Well I am single, so most of the times, my partners have affairs with me. And more often than not, they are married or in a relationship with a woman. Drama !

But I would never betray their trust and I keep everything anonymous don’t worry. Come find me and say hi. Don’t forget to show me your package too !

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