See through my clear bulge, Buena Park, CA

Answer this important question for me. If my slip is a see through and you can see my dick, can you still call it a bulge ? I am kind of a jock and briefs freak. My collection is abnormally huge as I enjoy to try new companies, new fits and see how they look on me. If we became fuck friends, I could wear a different pair every time for quite a while. You better not put on some kind a shitty fruit of the looms or Hanes cause I doubt I could even get a boner lol. I am that much of a underwear freak.

Everyone has their kicks ! As a bottom, I love to keep my jock on when I get fucked from behind. Feeling my ass jacked up while I’m being jackhammered is beyond great. Some of you bottoms may be quite sad to learn that I am one of you. I understand. This might sound weird, but I’d love to get fucked by my cock. I am quite hung as I am grower. But sorry. I’m in the receiving end too guys. Luckily for me, I ain’t so difficult as I am with undies when it comes down to cocks. In fact, I like them all and I can find pleasures from all of them. I am even a fan of dry hopping. Let me tell you more in private

Unsurprisingly, you may call me Briefs, I am 36 and I live in Buena Park, California in Orange County. Show me your best pair !

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