Skinny thick 20 yo stud in Albuquerque NM

I am hung and young, full of sexual stamina and ready to fuck. I am growing up to become hell of a hot stud, I hit the gym on a daily basis and I work out like crazy to get those abs. So it would be a crime not to share them hehehe ! I wanna plow a ass real hard, as soon as possible. When I get out of the gym I am always horny as hell !! In a hope not to make you too anxious I decided to cover my dick on the pics, it might be too big for you to handle. It’s more than 9 inches, and large, very large. And I won’t bother trying to find a condom that will fit on it, so it’s gonna be bareback all the way ! Do not worry, I’m clean and on PrEP so I won’t give you any disease.

I work in a restaurant here in Albuquerque, New Mexico so my schedule is quite funky ! I have free time but it might change from day to day and week to week. The easiest way is to message me so we’ll fit a moment to meet and have fun together ! Don’t be shy babe !

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