Squirt game, gay hookup - San Francisco, CA

Forget squid game. Let’s play squirt game ! And let me tell you, the rules of my game are way less complex than the one of that Korean show. All you need to know is that both of us will win in a way, nobody will die, and we both get to squirt semen. The first one to ejaculate when masturbating in the first round has to let the other decide if he wants to dominate or to be dominated. Then, honestly, we’ll just have plain sex. Unless you’re into roleplaying. Then we could pretend like the sub is a contender in the game and the other one is the Frontman or whatever.

Cool right ? My nickname on my profile is indeed, The Frontman. I won’t reveal my name, but I don’t mind showing you my face. Now you see that I am not only a hung man with a smoking body. I’ve also got a killer smile. Hehe, I ain’t a humble kind. But why should I be ? I know I’m an eye candy. And I can pop your candy for quite some time to. And I’m great at taking your lollipop as well. I’m 29, but I’m into men of all ages. I get my kick every time. I ain’t superficial on that end. I live in San Francisco, California and I’d happily invite you over to my place. I’ve got lots of props for our game. We could even make it an event and you we invite some friends. Sounds cool ?

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