Teach my and my BBC from OK how the jerk online

Yo. I ain’t gay, but I crave the attention. I just love to share dick picks and to chat with you guys. You don’t take my BBC for granted like some chicks do. For now, I’ve limited myself to chatting with you, but I’m curious about jerking online with some of yall. And maybe one day in person. However, for now I’m living with my hommie who’s got no idea that of what I’m doing online. And it has to stay that way. I’ll only tell you that I live in a rental home in Oklahoma City and that I’m 32.

As I said, I’m quite a newby on this whole jerking online thing. Could you show me the ropes ? Should I undress in front of the camera or start nude ? Do I have to be hard already or are you suppose to help me with that ? Told you. I’m your black canvas, so teach me. You have not seen how big I can get yet. And while we’re at it, I might have a special request for you. I’d like you to fuck yourself with a dildo or sumthing. Man, I used to think it was disgusting, but lately I’ve been curious you know. Nothing more. Anyway, come find me : DeSeanOK.

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