The Colony, TX - live the real sex daddy experience

Hey there my young Sir. Ready to meet your new daddy ? I’m the real deal when it comes to a sex daddy. I have a big hard cock, an authoritarian attitude and the experience to please you all you want. But that all depends on how well you get to please me. Show me that you can follow orders, listen to discipline and please your superior, and then I’ll grant you with me wisdom and so much more. I created this profile to find some new fuck cubs to have fun with. To nurture with me love and my semen.

I live in The Colony, Texas, a niche suburb of Dallas. What do you expect, told you I was the real deal. Let me host you for a nice dinner with some great wine or spirits depending on what you want. We’ll get confortable before I stretch that cute ass of yours. I am exclusively top, so don not even try to dream about getting a shot at my ass. I run this show here and I make the shots. The name’s Harold, I am 58 and I am looking for men of all shapes and sizes. Physique is not what matters first to me. Your submissive and respectful attitude is. Come show me what you’ve got.

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