Traveling from West Virginia for gay hookups

Who’s that mysterious figure behind the fog ? What kind of protuberance is hiding underneath this dreaded parcel of clothing ? Well it is Steamer ! The hung, fun and nerdy single gay guy from Charleston, WV looking for new hookups ! But don’t fret, I won’t ask you to join me in my humble home far away from so many of you. My career has me traveling all over the East Coast in white car (sorry no horse). This way, we could plan a date and have it our way. You’ll finally be able to rince your eyes on my features.

With that said, I suggest that you close your eyes before I cum in your face. You would not want to get my creamshot in your eyes. Unless you’re into that ? Fine by me. Who am I to judge what a man wants and does not in bed. Hence my tendency to be completely versatile. I could as well take you in my ass or grace yours with my long sword. Careful, it stings deep and wide. How old do you think I am ? If you’ve guessed 31 you’re right ! I hope this is no deal breaker for you. I myself, could have sex with men from 18 up until they can withstand some hardcore action. Age is but a number ! So, come say hi, tell me where you are and let’s see when we can meet with me schedule.

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