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Madison, AL – Let me unwrap that rubber on your D

I’ll take you hard and tight in your ass. Luckily there’s my skin on skin effect condom that will help with lubrification. You probably did not expect a hot guy like me, especially one from around Huntsville, Alabama, to be preaching about condoms right ? I sure as hell won’t touch your dick without one or let you touch my huge cock without one …

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M4M road head enthusiast along an Alabama road

Who’s ready to step up their car sex ? Just like the name implies, it means that you would give me head as I am driving down the road. Pumping my stick until you got to empty it and take it all in your mouth. Would not want to make a mess while I am driving. Give’s a whole new meaning to a bumpy ride hehe. What we could do is get on …

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Comparing cock, I always loose n bottom, Alabama

Obviously, I’m the owner of the smallest one here, next to my friend’s own 7.5 inches dick. As always, since I have the tiniest one, I get to be the bottom and be teased and insulted into submission. live in Avondale, a cute neighborhood ideal to find gay men and curious ones. My technique to hit on men is quite simple. I’ll joke about comparing dick size and then let things slide into a fun hookup at my place …

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Cockslap ur chest rather than mine near Dothan, AL

My name’s Barry, I am a single 36 years old redneck out in Kinsey, Alabama. A small town in Houston County, a few miles north east of Dothan. I am one of them shy gay men who won’t come out in fear of being judged by other men. Some of which I might have already have had adventures with. My problem is not to find men tempted to try gay sex as there are plenty of gay curious out there in the country when …

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Jeans with easy cock access Millbrook, AL

I’d wear my favorite pair of jeans out of my house if I could. But, I can’t. I’ve had those jeans for years and they finally gave up after ripping between my legs. I stretched them out to allow for an easy access to my cock. Might as well give them a final life as my fuck pants. Sadly I can’t take these out. But you …

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Play stabby stabby with ghostface, Prichard, AL

Personally, my favorite sex position involves anything with piercing my victim, or partner with my hard and pointy dick. Doggy style is pretty much on top of my list. Look, I know that Halloween is behind us, but that does not prevent me from enjoying putting on costumes in my adult games. You either find me intriguing and exciting …

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Cute nerd with his own saber, Dothan, AL

I don’t believe that every nerd has to be ugly and dorky looking. After all, I am a living example of a cute nerd or geek. However you want to call it. Regardless of my nerd level, my hornyness level is well above 9000. Quite the contrary. I got all those fantasies that I want to try and that would concern different cinematic universe. Being …

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Hanging out hammocking nearby Opelika, AL

There’s nothing like lying down in hammock. They even invented a term for it, “hammocking” ! Well I totally get it. I consider myself an adept for sure. Laid back and relax. Just like I like my hook ups. But let’s be clear, by relaxed, I don’t mean boring or plain soft core. I am into some cool hardcore stuff too. Even some 420 actions if you’re …

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