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Confidence is the new sexy, gay sexing – Mobile, AL

Shut up. Just get on your knees and suck my cock. And when I tell you to stop, turn around and sit on my cock. Yes sissy bitch. My name’s MarcMobile. I know I am not the most handsome or fit guy around, but I more than make up for it with my bad boy attitude and my confidence. I don’t care what you think my excess weight. It is part of me and I won’t change my eating or drinking habit. Bring me a bear and be my

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Viril newly single bisex with strong cock, Mobile AL

Yes I know. I’ve got a fricking beautiful penis ! It is massive, thick, yet not too much to get uncomfortable when I’ll slide it inside you. Just look at how strong it looks. It just screams masculinity and power this huge dick of mine. If you contact me for a sex date, it is because you’re willing to gladly do anything to you with that cock!

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