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Des Moines, IL – U up for casual gay sex ?

I’ve got an amazing talent that allows me to get laid quite often. I’ve got this uncanny radar to spot a guy in a crowd, have eye contact and motion him to follow me in a quiet spot to jerk off, to blow him or even have sex. The back of my car is an easy one. You see I don’t do serious relationships. I only dabble in casual stories. The best I can offer are booty calls. In fact …

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Kinky sex with leather and more in Des Moines, IA

I rock a tarzan look and more importantly a huge fricking cock. Some would say it is even too big for them. I’m yet to have my first deep throat haha ! I’ve basically given up on the idea. But that does not mean that I’ve stopped dating and having casual sex. Gosh no. Never ! I just love to meet people online to discover weirder …

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