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Always hot under my pajamas, small dick in Maine

Whenever I get sexually aroused, I’ll get hot ! Even if I’m wearing a simple silk pajamas and cute white undies. I can’t help it. I am too horny. It feels like I never ceased to be horny ever since I was a teen. And I am 28 now ! I’ll get these random hardons and my ass will dilate in the hope of getting some action. I need all the action I can get as I …

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Dropping the towel on monogamy, uncut twink York

That’s it, I am dropping the towel. I am done with monogamy. I’ve tried it and it does not align with my views regarding sex and having fun. So of course, I had to take the opportunity to litterally drop the towel and record it. I am always thinking about sex and ways to have more or to excite men, be they gay or not, single or, not. As a result, I am going full on slut …

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Upfront hairy, yet cool Mainer – Scarborough

Hey guys ! My name’s Simon, I am looking for someone who will take me who I am physically and as a whole. From the start, you can see what I look like. From my little chubby belly of a 38 yo, to my hairy chest and down to my average a tad above average dick. It’s important for me, as I’ve had certain experiences with guys …

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Cumshot addict reporting for duty in Maine

Stroking my cock is great, but as a single dude of 24, I’m constantly horny for some company. Every time I have an orgasm, I must see the resulting white projectile. But seeing another shoot his own cumshot is even more satisfying. Watching porn or whatever is fine, but pales in comparison to being the one responsible for …

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Have a taste of my Maine beer bottle size dick

You’re curious to taste it aren’t you ? To know how it feels in your mouth. Wondering if the taste is refreshing or on the contrary or if it is rather fiery hot and perhaps spicy ? But will it even fit in your mouth ? Of course I am not talking about the beer and I’m rather talking about my fat, yet surprisingly long dick …

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