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Newfound nipples pleasures in Mentor, Ohio

After some research and some testing, I’ve realized how common it is for us guys to have multiple erogenous zones, or pleasure areas if you prefer. in layman’s term, we get pleasure from other spots than our penis. I used to think like the later and was totally missing out ! I’ve started stimulating other parts of my …

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Brook Park, OH – too hard to complete my sets

Clearly my body is telling me I need to get laid more often. Masturbating won’t cut it. I need a fuck buddy. Ideally a masculine bro like me with whom I could do more than fuck. Like working out to maintain great bodies and work on those gains, but also a friend to simply hang out with. Reach out to me if you’re in the greater Cleveland area and …

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Black Canadian cock in Cincinnati for college

I’m coming to Cincinnati for one semester as an exchange student. As you can see in my profile picture, I am well endowed and packing a heck of a huge BBC. I’ll make you scream a ton of different stuff as I stick my thick sausage inside me. You won’t find me so polite and kind after that. Sorry to my fellow Canadians for ruining the …

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Professional nudist patrolling Cleveland, Ohio

My free spirit and out of the norms attitude has prevented me from finding and maintaining a lover for a while. That and the fact that I’ve got such a small dick. If you’re familiar with nudist hang outs and meets in the Cleveland area, we might have stumbled upon each other. I’m a accustomed to attend them as much as possible …

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Tallmadge, Ohio – need a bottom who won’t quit

What use do I have of a bottom who can’t take my thick cock for more than a few thrusts ? None. I must admit that I am not the type to frequent gay spots or to be too exuberant about my sexual orientation. I wanted to be put all of this in writing and not simply get picked up because I got a huge dick. You’re more than welcome to come at my place …

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Beavercreek, OH – bow down to my DILF cock

I reside in Beavercreek, Ohio just east of Dayton, but in Greene county. I am a 43 YO, single dad of lovely children that I get to see a couple a days a month. It allows me a nice life balance between being a father to my children and a daddy to my fuck buddies. My only thing is that I ask some kind of obedience from my partners. I am the one …

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Hook up with average dude – Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Normal dudes stick and suck each other ! Take me for example, I am 33, cuddly, lovable, chubby and fuckable. That may sound strange, but I am looking to hook up with guys like me lol. That way, it is simpler and less stressful. I don’t have to worry about not looking good enough and what not. If you’re like me, you’ll understand what I mean ! I …

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Love taking those risky nudes, Grove City, OH

I only discovered about my homosexuality about a year or two and I am 31 ! I can’t say exactly what triggered this newfound pleasure of taking nudes in public spaces. But now I decided to go a step further and to act on those pictures. Might as well use them to find guys who will enjoy them and perhaps will want me to get in touch with me in order …

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