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Big hanging balls from a Dallas gay daddy

Don’t talk to me about wearing tight pants or undies. I am all about slack and comfort. Letting my big guy and my, well my two other big guys roam loose and free. I am of course talking about my cock and my huge balls. See how they hang in my shorts and how my big dick just rises strong and glorious. Strength and masculinity …

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Naughty stud, witness my perfect cock, Dallas TX

Here my hardening process. From flaccid to, semi hard with foreskin on to completely hard with my turtle neck. It is truly a fascinating sight and process. Wait until you see it live and you witness in person my cock getting too big for my foreskin and pushing out of it’s prison of flesh, rolling it down. Poking in order to probe …

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Cute smoker need a good blow in Dallas TX

I smoke, you blow me, it’s a deal ? There I am, 27 years old guy in Dallas, Texas. I like burning a cigarette or two while a guy is on his knees sucking my cock. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure for me. I am not super dominant in bed, but I know how to get some respect. I have a beautiful thick cock, this is the best part of my entire anatomy so it deserve to be threated well !

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