Waiting for my next hookup in a roadside hotel, OK

Hey there. This picture was taken as I was waiting for a gay hookup in on roadside hotel along the I-35 near Ardmore, Oklahoma. This little city is my favorite spot to meet guys. It is strategically located between the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area and from Oklahoma City. That’s quite a long ride I know. But I love to hookup with closeted men and I found out that some of them are more comfortable having an affair outside of the are where they live. That’s why I meet them in hotels cities like Ardmore, OK.

I should mention that I do this for free, beside splitting the hotel or motel charges and maybe a few drinks. It is as fun for me as it is for you. It is a joy to be with strong closeted men who can be themselves with another man. Some are shy, other ares fierced and know what they want. I love to adapt depending on my partner. Speaking of adapting, I am versatile. For those who are not aware, it means I can be on top, or at the bottom. Ya it’s exactly what is sounds like when you think about gay sex.

My name’s CharlyOnTheRoad, I am 31 and for the sake of this profile, let’s say I live in Ardmore. Just like I don’t have to know exactly where you live, you don’t either. We just need to know when and where to meet. Let’s chat !

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