Get loose with an average joe from Santa Fe, NM

Some call it unfair, I just call it a nature’s gift. My big cock often distracts my opponents when I am playing tennis with a few guy friends. They’re mad until they get to suck it after I’m done beating their ass. I’m competitive and I like to win and assert my domination. On and off the court. I’m Jym, a resident of Ellicott City in Maryland not too far from Baltimore. It’s a nice cozy suburb way less rough than the big city. But I keep it rough and hard in the bedroom however.

I’m looking for new bottom partners for hook ups. I’m getting tired of having sex with the same guys at the tennis club. Especially since most of them can’t even admit that they’re gay, or at least bi. They keep living a lie. I need to fuck with some real sissy for once. Sure I like to dominate, but only when I know that my partner enjoys it. So please, share with me what you like if we get to set up our hook up. I mean, I ain’t a monster haha. Don’t forget to send a picture, otherwise, I might not answer you message. Cya !

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