Suck on my milk choco fudge in Everett, WA

Most days, I wake up with this massive morning wood. Some boast about their hair or their cute face when they get up. Well, my thick and long dick is my definition of “Woke up like this”. With my juicy uncut 21YO dick begging to be sucked and taken care of. But as I am single, it rarely is the case. Unless I decide to give it a good wanking. But that’s just sad don’t you think ? I mean, I ain’t trying to say that I’m looking for a boyfriend. However, a fuck friend that would stay at my place in Lubbock, Texas once in a while would be great.

Let me introduce myself, I’m WoodieT a gay stud slowly but surely coming out of the closet to my family and friends. But truth be told, I’ve had multiple sex relations with guys. But I ain’t necessarily ready to have a real boyfriend. I’m from rural Texas and I still need some more time to process. In the meantime, a fuckfriend, or at least a couple of hookups would do greatly. Just send me a DM and I’ll do you Mister. As long as you blow my long pale wood. Bonus point if you do so in the morning.

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