Always LF asses to impale near Phoenix, AZ

Howdy guys ! I gotta tell you, there is nothing that I enjoy more than to witness a fine small ass landing on thick cock. I can’t help but feel all might and powerful whenever it happens. It’s like I’m warrior impaling its foe in the ass. That explain my nickname! However, I’ve got commitment issues and as a result I’m always on the hunt for new behinds to fuck. I can’t help it. I get tired of fucking the same guy and I constantly need novelty. Hence my add on this gay dating and hooking site. I need new butts to fuck ! Who’s willing ?

I must specify that I always go bareback. That’s the only way I’ll enter your backdoor. Anyway, I’m sure most of you guys are clean. I’ll get in your whole, do my business and get the fuck out. Both from your ass and your place. I’ve got stamina and can last a while, but I don’t want to overstay my welcome. I’m 33, powerfully built and, while you can’t see it here, I’m good looking. You’ll have to wait to see me IRL to fall for my smile.

I live in the greater Phoenix AZ area and that’s where I meet guys for hookups. Sorry, but I never to invite guys over, however I’m willing to travel quite far to get to your place. Speaking of willing, you’re down, we could also do it in public places. I know quite a few spots in backalleys, parks, name it. I’m used to it haha. Come chat with me and say hi.

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