Sex without limits and prejudices in St. Louis MI

I am part of the big LGBTQ community and at 19 years old I feel fine claiming it. I live in St. Louis, Missouri, I have the luck of being in a big city where minds are more open and I am glad of it. I define myself as gay, but I am willing to explore more ways that having sex with cis white guys. Sex and love are without limits and boundaries and it is clear in my mind. So if you are gay, bi or trans, do not be shy to message me.

I know I look serious on my profile picture but do not be fooled, I am a very nice person 😀 I love to hit the gym and challenge myself perpetually. Do not assume that I am a superficial bitch that will not read offers of person that doesn’t have a shape like mine. My ex fuckfriend was chubby and I was feeling so good cuddling him for nights !!

As for sexual preferences I am open as well. I am more of a top if you ask but always ready to explore new ways. Tried tantric sex once and it did blow my mind, would love to try again !!

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