Bisex top daddy invites you to his place Denver, CO

Who’s up for a bisexual daddy ? I’m a hell of a lucky man as I’m happily married to a woman who gets a thrill at knowing that I have sex with younger guys. As long as I feed her stories (among other things) about my hookups, she’s more than fine with it. It has even spiced up our sex life tenfold ! I’m Barry, a construction worker with a muscular build….and a cock fit to tickle your insides from both ends. I’m open to many kinds of guys. From big and strong bears to slim twinks that I can literally carry in my arms and fuck in the standing position.

Even at 45 YO, I still have massive erection. That cockring is simply a certain fetish of mine. More pleasure for both me and you as it triggers the beast in me. I’m a fucking dominant top. I’ll lead everything, so let me guide you to a violent orgasm. And I hope you like facials because I tend to finish things off by coming all over my partners face. My name is Mitch and I live in the Denver Area in Colorado. It would be my pleasure to welcome you to my place for our hookup. And no the wife won’t be present haha.

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