Warm mouth on my snake - Minneapolis MN

Hahaha yes I’ve done it, I took a selfie in the elevator with my fat cock out. I know it’s might not be super sexy with my winter coat, hat and gloves, but hey it’s freaking winter here in the north !! I live in Minneapolis (Minnesota) Elliot Park area. This is really nice and fun place with bars right around the corner. Well when there’s not a pandemic it is… So normally I just get there and I can easily catch a guy for the night. But now that all is closed, it’s a bit more complicated. There is Grindr and all the other apps, but hey most of the guys there are not serious and you can spend hours on it without closing a serious deal. That is annoying when I badly wanna fuck.

So yeah, I might look like an ordinary guy, but my snake is impressive. My penis is well over 8 inches, uncut, bit curvy, perfect fit for a nice little ass. I am into older guys, I am 27 yo and I rarely date younger than me. It’s a matter of chemistry I guess, I feel more comfortable with daddies, they know how to handle hung guys like me without complaining hahaha !

If you’re up to it, just lemme know, my nickname on the chat is Dango !

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