Blow my Coney Island Hot Dog, NY

It might not be a real Coney Island hot dog, but does it not look delicious ? I did not have the required sauce at hand to dress my own winer as an actual Coney Island. But that should be sufficient no ? You call me LarryConey, I’m a fun and chill 36 years old dude living in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up, I constantly went to Coney Island to amusement park down in Coney Island and I still do! Great place to hang and to eat a savory sausage. My own and yours ! Even if Michigan boast having the best dogs in the country, I respectfully think that my own version is the best.

Don’t you just want to put it in your mouth and suck all those condiments from it ? Forget about giving it a bite of course, but please lick that savory mustard and ketchup out. I took this picture for fun, but it turns out that now I really want to experience being blown with condiments on my cock. I don’t know why, but it must be super fun ! I’ll my own mayo recipe to the mix once you’ve done a thorough job. Yes I’m referring to ejaculating in your mouth. Some more stuff for you to swallow my man. Come chat with me while my dog is hot and delicious. I’ll even take special request on the any other stuff that you ma want on my dick. Banana split edition anyone ?

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