Masculine ballerina of your dreams, Santa Rosa CA

Sexy or not ? I’m sure you just realized that you never fantasized about a masc muscular jock in a ballerina tutu. IF yes, than you’re odly specific, and that’s a great thing. Otherwise, you’re welcome for the new masturbation material. But why settle for masturbating when you could fuck with one for real ? My name is Antoine, I’m 28 YO, I live in Santa Rose, California. I’m secretly bisexual. Ya, my fem side only comes out when it is time for me to fuck with men. The girls I’ve been with would flip if they knew lol. And that I prefer giving blowjob than going down on a woman’s pussy.

I’m mostly a top, but I enjoy when a man rubs my anus or pokes it with its dickhead. But not further ! That’s my department. As you can see, I’ve got a great dick that is more than enough to make you scream of pleasure and maybe a little pain if you’re not experienced. You’ve been warned. And btw, it obviously gets even bigger when it is erect. It’ll be your surprise if we get along on the chat. So, to sum-up, I am looking for bottom men in the area for anonymous hook ups.

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