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Blow my Coney Island Hot Dog, NY

It might not be a real Coney Island hot dog, but does it not look delicious ? I did not have the required sauce at hand to dress my own winer as an actual Coney Island. But that should be sufficient no ? You call me LarryConey, I’m a fun and chill 36 years old dude living in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up …

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Do your naughty business in my jockstrap, NYC

I hope you got the jest of what I was saying in the title. I was not referring to any sort of fecal activity ! I was rather speaking about how you’re about to have an access to my cute little ass while I’m wearing my fabulous jockstrap. I don’t know what’s with this piece of manly lingerie, but it makes me super horny whenever I wear it. It’s like …

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Suck the NYCreamer in Tribeca

Where do you want my cream discharged ? Perhaps in your throat ? That would be my suggestion if you’re as much of a semen lover as I am. Especially since I was gifted with the formidable ability to produce a huge amount of precum. It is the perfect teaser for the bigger load that awaits when you’ll have …

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Never underestimate a skinny guy – NYC

When I wear clothes I look quite average, on the low side. I am super thin, very tall and not muscular at all. But the thing is, when I drop the pants, I hide a HUGE surprise : an enormous cock. Something that look even bigger on my tall slim body. It is a bit over 10 inches, super thick. Please take in consideration that I live in New York, Brooklyn (Midwood)…

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