Back to hooking up with a few more pounds,

You know that punk skater boy that is driving you nuts ? How would like to suck his nuts and cock ? My nickname is TonyEagle21, I’m a hung skater living and hooking up in Sacramento, California. I should mention that I am bisexual and autoreverse. When I’m with girls, I am obviously on top, but I enjoy bottoming whenever I’m with boys. Thing is, most guys I hang with at the park and the streets are straight. So I end up screwing their GF’s friends or joining them in straight bars. I mean, sex with girls is great, but none of them can truly suck like a guy, or satisfy my bottom desires. And I’m a aware that I project an hetero kind of vibe. And I’ve been having a hard time finding gay hookups lately especially since I refuse to go on those data grabbing apps.

Hence this post dudes ! I prefer to have discussions with you and to know a lil more than if you’re top or bottom. We might end up agreeing on a certain fuckbuddy agreement or whatever. Which, to be completely honest, would be ideal. So, if you’re an open minded top in the Sacramento area and looking for chill fuckfriend, than send me a DM. We’ll get this show on the road meet somewhere, grab a beer and get to know each other before going back to my place if we feel like it. No stress. Nothing beets a real life meetup. I’m off to the park !

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