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Cockslap wherever you want – West Covina, CA

My cock explains why it’s often called a hard wood. It’s definitely fit to bat you wherever you want. There’s of course your face, but can you think of other spots you’d like to be cockslap ? I can. I am a top, so of course I’ll be thinking about slapping your ass with it before and while I am doing my work inside you. We could even play the …

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Admire my lower peck from below, El Centro

You’re better liking the view from down there cause that where you’ll be spending most of your time with me. That is, on your knees and down under me. I’ll want you with your mouth as well as your eyes wide open looking straight up at me like the good sissy you are. I’ll cock slap you and rub my cock and balls on your face until …

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Bi black bull rdy please you and the missus, Santee

But do you know what a bull means in the dating community ? The way I see it, a bull is a powerful and sexually strong man who’s being asked by a couple to fuck the wife while the husband watches. It can be for many different reasons. my favorite is when is the man wants in the action. Cause you see, I am a bisexual alpha top. I love to stretch both women …

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