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Any interest in a cute fem guy from Campbell, CA

My name is Taylor. That’s a fitting name for a fem guy with an androgynous look. Is there any interest for a cute fem guy ? I go beyond your traditional twink standards. I’ve got long hair, full lips and a feminine voice. Seriously, my sexuality and my tastes are all over the place. They go in phases. Some nights I can go full trav and drag, other I’ll be …

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Welcome a new latino with a big verga Salinas, CA

Lo quieren ? You want it ? Do you want my big Latino verga inside you ? I’ll let you choose where you want it for our first time. But know that I’ll end up in your ass at some point so choose carefully as you might have a dirty surprise lol. I have been known to create some ass to mouth situations. My name is Ramon, but my nickname is BigVerga, I am 31, but born and raised here in …

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Gay alpha hunter in Pasadena, California

Cock raised in all its glory. My name’s Mario, I am a chill dude of 34 living in Pasadena. I am single and always on the hunt for my next conquest. As a power top, I see my fuck partners as just that. Conquest where I’ve left my mark. My territory. As an alpha male, that’s how I role. Sometimes I even keep my shades, drop …

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420 stoner gay sex in Rialto, California

I am 420Mike, 31 YO living in Rialto in San Bernardino county California. I don’t see lots of stoners out here. Or at the very least, I don’t see many profiles of men openly claiming that they are stoner. 420 and sex anyone ? Well I am here to change that ! But let me get something clear, my kind of party and play only involves weed. No pills …

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Latino big verga sex with happy gays, Fontana CA

I’m Mani, I’m 38 and I have a big cock. I am here because I am curious to have sex with other men. I have always been attracted by men but I did not have the courage. Most Latinos are too macho to have sex with me. So I hide my love for men to them. This is why I come here. To find gringos to fuck with. I don’t mean this to insult you …

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