Colorful impulsive sissy hooks in Woodbury, MN

Let’s add some colors to your life. I’m Robert, a colorful and fun sissy gay guy of 53 years old living now living in Woodbury, MN near Saint Paul. I’m all in for sex dates, hookups, saunas, and whatever you’re into. Sex and making new friends are my favorite pastime. I used to be in NYC where I hung out in gay bars all the time. I can’t count how many guys I’ve had sex with. Especially with tourists during pride months, but also all over the year. I moved here for work, but also to try to reduce my visits to gay bars. It was kind of getting out of hands having sex with different guys every day.

Not that I’ve gone prude, but let’s just say that I want to take it down a notch and dip my cock in less asses and be trampled by fewer guys. Hence my post here. It should allow me to be less impulsive than going back with any guy who’s also on the hunt for an easy hookup. Or maybe I’m wrong and it will be even worse, or better haha. Oh well, so be it. So honey, would you like to show me what you strong and fierce Minnesotans guys can do ? I’m all open for you.

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