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Slap my butt of steel with your wood, Edina, MN

I look like a normal guy with a dad bod. But I really am a gym freak who spends hours working on my legs and butt. You’ll see me at every booty class at my local gym. So now you understand how I got this butt of steel and more importantly, why. I am a hook up kind of guy. That means that I don’t do lovers or relationship of any …

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Treat me with my first rim job Maple Grove, MN

I just never happened to be with a man who would get his nose between my cheeks on his own without having me to ask for it. This time however, I am making it very clear that I want a face buried in there to take care of my anal rose. I want to feel that tong going down from my cock, to my balls and that sweet anal bridge, all the way to my throbbing anus …

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Horny hockey player from Oakdale, Minnesota

I wish I had more friends who shared my view of sex and how open and free it should be. Sadly, those dudes don’t get how two alpha males could have some casual and brotherly sex without making a fuss about it. I like to blow dicks and to rub mine against another or to dip it inside a dude’s ass. The next week I could be with a woman and …

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Big fat cock to get your attention Sartell, MN

I brought the meat. Hope you’re into sausages cause I got a big fat one for you guys. It’s all tight and clean without any extra skin. I came with with my cock hard and out since I never seem to be able to get the attention of others otherwise. Weirdly, showing my hung cock always seems to work. Granted I only do it while in private of course …

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Black snake crawling in my pants, Minnetonka, MN

Ever since I was a baby, I was told that I had a gigantic dick. And that I should take special care of it so I don’t hurt myself. At some point, having a third leg becomes a risk factor. At least, I am a shower so it does not get much bigger than that. And I say thank god to that ! My name’s Brandon. I am 22, about 5’6 and I live in Minnetonka …

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Moorhead, MN – edging on the border with ND

Witness how I could hold my big load for a while after jerking off my long and thick cock. See how I was relieved to finally let go of my load. Nothing feels better coming after taunting my ejaculation for so long. But the thing with edging is that is much easier to do alone. And the fact that I have been been getting so good at it must mean one thing …

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