Rim this mysterious bisexual jock - Birmingham, AL

Hey there, I’m Henry, 31 YO. I hope you got the jest of what I was saying in the title. I was not referring to any sort of fecal activity ! I was rather speaking about how you’re about to have an access to my cute little ass while I’m wearing my fabulous jockstrap. I don’t know what’s with this piece of manly lingerie, but it makes me super horny whenever I wear it. It’s like as if I was hit with a high rush of pheromones and I absolutely had to have my hole filled. And since I’m rolling solo and single, I’ve got to either bring back some dude from a bar at home, or be more selective and find an online hook up.

And by selective I mean reading your profile and chatting a little. I’m in sex deprivation mode here. I don’t have time to be be difficult here. If you’ve got a cock and a minimum of stamina, you’re qualified to fuck me while I wear this jock. My own cock will be trapped in the fabric, as if I was wearing a chastity cage. Oh well, I still have the back access which I much prefer anyway. You know that I’m in NYC, so send me a DM and I’ll give you more infos.

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