Rim this mysterious bisexual jock - Birmingham, AL

Who’s this slim and muscular man sitting in the shadows ? Is that a big cock that is hanging long and low between his toned thighs ? I should know since it is me ! ShadowPatrick. I’m secretly bisexual, so I opted for this mysterious picture. The thing is, I enjoy having sex with men, but I don’t see myself in a relationship with one. At least, not with the ones I’ve been with so far. Maybe it will change if I meet the right one. That being said, that is not why I am here on this site. Now, all I’m interested in is to have great sex with men who know how to handle a cock, especially how to use their tongue to please me.

Use your imagination and your knowledge of sex to figure out what I mean. I ain’t only talking about sucking my cock. I want to be rimmed ! And only men have done that to me so far. Women only care about my dick. Which is fine I guess, but I am so more then that. That’s why you guys have a special place in my heart and my ass. Since I’m looking for IRL hook ups, I’ll tell you where I live and my age. I’m in the greater Birmingham, Alabama area and I am 26 yers old. We’ll have to find somewhere else for our hook up, but I’m open to suggestions. DM me if you’re around 30 and can’t wait to rim me and play with my ass.

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