Getting out of the closet in Sioux Falls SD

I’m a 29 years old guy raised in a very catholic family. So being gay wasn’t an option until I left the home to start living by my own. Here in South Dakota, homosexuality is not well tolerate, even in it’s biggest city Sioux Falls where I live. So you can imagine how tough it is for me to get out of the closet. I am thinking of moving in a larger city where I could live my live freely. But I am very attached to my roots here so it would be quite a big move.

So, the best option would be to find someone here or in the surrounding area. I would be able to stay here and have a nice relation. I am willing to be very quiet about it, I won’t scream it out loud, do not worry. Also, I do not look gay, I am masculine.

If you wanna see how I look like, well have a look at my pic. I am slim, in good shape, nice body and cock. I won’t show my face here for some obvious reasons. If you wanna know more and set up a date, please send me a message, I’ll answer quickly, very motivated here.

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