Daddy in the fifties packing huge meat - Billings MT

I know I can give hell of a surprise when I drop the pants. I have that kind of dick that you don’t expect at first. It’s almost 10 inches long, so yeah I am hung. I am in the fifties, 54 years old to be precise and I never felt that young. I am in great shape, hitting the gym many times per week and doing Yoga and meditation to balance mind and body. It really works.

I’ve been living my whole life here in Billings, Montana. I have 2 kids, because yeah before coming out of the closet late, I was married and had a family life. I have a great relation with my kids by the way.

I am posting here to find a man to date. I do love sex, if you can handle all my meat you are already marking points. But I’d be open for a relationship as well. I don’t wanna end my life alone, it’s something that I am trying to avoid. So please keep this in your mind, we might end up being a couple, anyway I’m sure you won’t find anyone as hot as I am hahaha !

Please send me a message if you want !

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