Guess why they call me ouch, Prescott Valley, AZ

Yup, my nickname’s Ouch. The reason is quite simple. That’s the sound that most guys make when I ram my huge verga inside their ass. I am not known to be the softest either, and I like it raw and natural. The only lube I’ll take is your own spit after you’ve blown my big cock. But, be real, you won’t get very far down my shaft. I’ll make it up by going all in your ass. You’ve been warmed so you can’t complain when we meet. But you’re more than welcome to call me by my name lol.

I know that I don’t have the most masculine face out there. Heck, I even look feminine on the side. But I got an alpha attitude and of course, the cock that suits the role too, so it should not matter when I am on top of you with my 8 inches + cock. As mentioned up there, I am in Prescott Valley, Arizona in Yavapai county about an hour and a half from Downton Phoenix. Believe me, I know since I regularly go to visit bars and other fun places in the city. That said, I would be glad to invite guys at my place if you happen to pass by or even live in the area. If you’re in the greater Valley of the Sun area, send me a message and get ready to understand the meaning of ouch.

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