Throat POV of my balls, dick and smile, Delaware

Hehe. I can’t help but smile when when marveling at my superb dick. Here’s a POV (point of view if you’ve never watched porn, which would surprise me) of said dick as will be seen by your throat and mouth. By any chance, can you even consider deepthroating it ? In any case, I hope you can see yourself in that position sucking balls and looking at me smiling at you and moaning with pleasure as you do your things down there. But don’t make me come yet ! I’ve still got to reward you for all of your efforts. You’ll be invited to move over to the bed, to lie comfortably and to relax your ass in order to prepare to welcome my naturally lubricated dick. Thanks to your saliva. Unless you require more lube, which is fine.

As you can see, I’m already super horny and ready to have a go with you. But you need to know where I am. Indeed, I am in the area of Wilmington Delaware looking for hook ups with horny men at least half as horny as I am. You’ll also need to know that my nickname is SmilyD and that I am 28 years old. Tempting no ? That’s also why I’d be ready to meet you somewhere along the East coast if that could help convince you doing this. But first, let’s chat a little in private. I want to see the mouth that’ll kiss my dick.

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