Gym rat of 43 naked in the locker room, KC

You enter the locker room after your gym training and you come up to me like this. What do you do ? I hope you picked anything related to having sex, getting me in a shower or the sauna. or at the very least giving me your number so we can meet later on. For once the man hanging out naked in the dressing room with his leg on the bench is not some old rag with his ball sack dropping low and his arms resting on his beer belly. Sorry not sorry of you’re one of these guys. Anyway, I would not want to have sex with you and you giys disgust me.

Wow that felt good ! I’m Kyle, I’m a fit men if 43 years old training on a daily basis. I live in Kansas City, on the Kansas side of town. My post aims at meeting interesting guys online for IRL hook ups. I’m not a lover type as I prefer my independence. I like to roll solo, unless when it’s time for sex of course ! I’m into partying, three some and all those stuff as I am young at heart and have great spirit. Age is not a criteria for me, but your shape is. As you’ve guessed, I don’t date fat guys. Show me some picks and let’s meet.

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