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Can’t clean cum canon mess alone Merriam, KS

I admit that I’m a real sperm aficionado. I love the stickiness of it, the look of it and yes the taste of it. That said, I can’t content myself with my own produce. I require some company and some novelty in terms of semen. In clearer terms, I want to blow different dicks as to have many facials and taste new cum …

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Take all the strokes you need in my KS golf whole

My gaping whole had you convince before that. My nickname’s Flagstick after our favorite target. Like me, it’s always hard and strong. I am obviously a bottom as you could have guess by my position. I endorse and totally accept my thick legs and ass. In a sense, I believe I was born to be a fuckable bottom. Sometimes however …

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Curved up bisex hitting the spots Sedgwick County

I might be bisexual, but I got a preference for men when it comes to hooking up. You guys are just more fun ! It’s so much easier to keep things simple and strictly down to sex. Shit, most of you want to keep it discrete and anonymous since you’re living a double life. Suits me, really. I don’t want to have pillow talk after I’ve …

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New exhib interest, neckbeard Manhattan, KS

I’ve lived my true rite of passage as a exhib and public sex freak. It was real coming-of-age experience, right on time for my 21st birthday. I know that I am not the most handsome man with my fat roll, my neck beard and my long thin hair, but I am still confident. After all, I had sex in public ! This experience truly changed me and gave me the boost …

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Blue balls from gaming, hookup wanted Salina, KS

These last few weeks, I neglected my sex life as I was playing with my new and shiny PS5. Pretty shameful from a single guy of 31 no ? But now, my blue balls and my frequent hard-ons are becoming an issue. The signs don’t lie. I need to get laid ! That’s about the anything that could convince me to drop my controller for a while haha. I would get to …

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Masc construction worker Wichita, KS needs sissy

Sorry to keep you waiting, but I’ve got to finish the job before fucking. Otherwise my boss would be pissed as fuck. Like he would if he found out that I took a nude selfie in the company truck. Especially for a gay dating site. He ain’t exactly the open minded type. He’s got other qualities. Like a great ass to look at lol. Working all day …

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