Hairy dawg wants chow down asses Urbandale, IA

How ya’ll doing ? The name’s Sloan. I am 43 years old, and I live in Urbandale, Iowa in the greater area of Des Moines. I live in a suburb, but I could fit in a more rural environment. OK, some of you big city folks will say that Des Moines is a rural place anyway. Anyway, I don’t really care what other think about me. In fact, I don’t really consider my appearance important at all. I let my beard grow freely and, so my body hair. Lol, my belly is growing quite big too. And how about my cock heh ?

I am that single hairy weird guy that people will simply wave hello to or otherwise ignore in the neighborhood. They have no clue that I am a horny gay dude, and that the guys that come to my place are not here to watch football. At least, not only for that and just say that we just don’t eat wings. And our hands and mouth are not just sticky from the sauce of the ribs. Here we go. I am hungry. Get over here on the chat, and hopefully at my place, you hot dawg ! This 43 YO gay versa is hungry.

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