Choose your adventure, gay dating Logansport, IN

Are you more into outdoor or indoor adventures ? With me, you get to choose your adventure and to be the hero in your story. Remember those books ? If you’re about my age, 32, then you probably have fund memories of those. At least, if you were as nerdy and geeky as I was. Well I am offering you the chance to relieve such an adventure, but in an adult fashion, with another man. Me ! BillyAdventure, from Logansport, Indiana in Cass county. Therefor, the outdoor adventure is a great choice as nature is vast around here. From fields of crops, to bushy little forests.

I’d consider myself to be quite fun and jovial. I’ve got an easy and contagious smile. But behind this smiling facade resides a naughty and horny gay guy. Not to say that I am mean, oh no, just that I am probably more intense sexually than you could have imagine at first glance. Just try me with your ideas. That’s why I let you choose your adventure with me. Obviously, I am versa, and FYI, I am quite versed in the BDSM craft, on both sides of the spectrum. Not to influence your choices here. Just an option that I am laying down. But, don’t hesitate to conect me either if you’re just curious and want to have some more regular sex to begin with. Nothing more than a quickie to get to know each other. I am talking to both rookies and more experienced gays out there.

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